Physio Quotes

Activity heals, not so much by what it does to tissue, but by what it does to the mind. Once safety is assured, the body has less interest in whatever pain messages are coming from the tissue. The tissue itself may still be torn or inflamed, but the brain’s self-generated opiates moderate the sensation and our attention is free to turn elsewhere. – Forencich

Structure without function is a corpse. – Karen Warren

The notion of ‘bad’ movement patterns is a danger to the spontaneity of our existence – Louis Gifford

“Tricking” the nervous system is ok provided you exploit that neurological window of opportunity by applying the right stressors afterwards.

The less you know, the more opinionated you are. -Buddy Morris

A little extra diagnosis or treatment can get you into a lot of trouble.

Conscious awareness before subconscious competency = You have to learn it before you can own it

Instability signals the brain and nervous system to put the brakes on power output because it feels threatened. A lack of stability is threat to your nervous system.

That which enhances performance, prevents injury. – Larry Hamilton

If you try to compartmentalise treatment programs for the incredibly varied human organism, then your setting yourself up for failure.

Effective reassurance is a bloody good pain killer – Louis Gifford

The human body is highly adaptable which means that the human body can unfortunately be efficiently inefficient! – Jeff Moreno

You are doing your client a huge disservice if you think  you are smarter than their brain and activate muscles that their brain has inhibited for a reason – The Gait Guys

The kinetic chain is best characterized by 3 components: optimized anatomy, reproducible efficient motor patterns, and the sequential generation of forces. – Sciascia et al 2012

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. – Buckminster Fuller

Movement Principles produce movement techniques. – Ido Portal

Whenever things are not resolving with reasonable intervention one must think of two things: either the injury was severe or the diagnosis is incorrect. – The Gait Guys

To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease. – A.T. Still

A student of life must take in each part of the body and study its uses and relations to other parts and systems – A. T. Still

Human anatomy is a consequence of function. – Serge Gracovetsky

The relationship between pain and the state of the tissues becomes weaker as pain persists –  Lorimer Moseley

Movement never lies – Martha Graham

Fill your tool box with as many tools as you can, and there will come a time where its most appropriate to pull out a specific tool. – Dr McGill

Your brain doesn’t know muscles, it only knows motor units. So think do you directly train muscles, or do you train motor units?

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts (in relation to strength) – Craig Liebenson

Motor control = taking the smallest muscle involved and training it at 10% of MVC with every effort to turn off everything else with the view that this muscle is inordinantly important – Dr Anthony Shield

Dont try to teach perfect movement patterns, instead try to correct the key fault that is causing the trouble. – Karel Lewit

You will always regret not training in the position you get injured.

Don’t add strength on top of dysfunction. – Gray Cook

We are creating neurosis about minor dysfunctions. -Pavel in Easy Strength

Clinicians must refer to S&C coaches more to avoid rehab purgatory. And, trainers should be careful about overdoing PRI, DNS, FMS correctives, foam rolling, protracted mobs, etc. Load is the greatest corrective! – Craig Liebenson

The more passive strategies you add to the session, the less independent the patient may feel. – Erson Religioso

Force is the language of cells. – Unknown

Cultivating the necessary postural awareness and coordination is incremental and “cannot be ‘exercised’ but rather established.” – Jiri Cumpelik

Practice is my mantra, the progress will come, only if one goes on practicing. If the practice is not there, stagnation sets in, and we will be carried away only by our intellectual power. The moment there is only intellectual power, it is nothing but ego cult. So practice, practice, practice alone, makes the intelligence to be humble. – Unknown

Fascia is the skeleton for the neural network. – David Weinstock

The skin is the outside of the brain – Diane Jacobs

Training and rehab are different. Not because of what is done but because of the questions asked to get you to that solution. – Scot Morrison

As you identify dysfunctional movement patterns, you should understand that for some reason or another these patterns have been learned and reinforced, or they would not be present. – Grey Cook

Extensor tone works only against gravity, we need to learn to work according to gravity – Giancarlo Russo.

The pelvis is the joint that determines symmetry – Ida Rolf

Rehabilitation is to show a patient what they can do for themselves – Karel Lewit

Be an expert at the basics.  For all the fluff and different approaches, I make sure stuff is mobile, stable, and strong like freaking bull.  Everything else – power, reactive strength and speed follows nicely. -Dan Lorenz

The moment one breathes against resistance, as during speech, the abdominals come into play. – Karel Lewit

Remember this principle: the peripheral nervous system attempts to repair by regrowth, the central nervous system attempts to repair by re-routing and reorganizing. – Dr. Shawn Allen (Gait Guys)

If breathing is not normalized, no other movement pattern can be. -Pavel Kolar

You cant manage what you cant measure. – Unknown

The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways ― Robert Greene

Keep an open mind for new ideas that sometimes show what you believed before was wrong. – Karel Lewit

You don’t need a mentor everyday, you need a metric. – Gray Cook

Strength training is co-ordination training against resistance. -Frans Bosch

If one does not know it exists, one will miss it. If one does not know how to assess it, one will miss it. If one does not know normal anatomy, torsional variants, foot types and gait types, one is likely to be lost and left fumbling.  Our clients deserve more. – The Gait Guys

Posture follows movement like a shadow – Michal Truc

That which enhances performance prevents injury – Laird Hamilton

Don’t try to teach perfect patterns, correct the key fault which is causing the trouble – Karel Lewit

Athletes (/patients) who understand the ‘why’ are more likely to buy into your ‘how’. – Altis

It’s not the load that breaks an individual down. It’s the load they are not prepared for. – Tim Gabbett

Shirley Sahrmann:
* The body takes the path of least resistance.
* What we do is familiar but not always what is right.
* You are what you train.
* You can’t strengthen a muscle to make it move right. You need to teach it how to move.

If you think lifting weights is dangerous, try being weak. Being weak is dangerous. – Bret Contreras

Learn to load the (motor) program, not the muscle – Dr Jiří Čumpelík

Movement first, volume second, load third. – Dan John

What people want = expectations. The hidden why = goals. – Simon Sinek

It’s not just what pain is. It’s what it means to that person. – Sarah Haag

Do you have a physiotherapy related quote which you think would resonate with others? Comment below to share.

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