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Courtesy of Rethinking Physiotherapy

A systems perspective on chronic pain. Todd Hargrove…/a-systems-perspective-on-c…/

An introduction to evolutionary reasoning: diets, discs, fevers and the placebo. Louis Gifford…/06-chap…

Back Pain Myths: Posture, Core Strength, Bulging Discs. Todd Hargrove…/back-pain-myths-posture-co…/

How do you educate people about their pain and NOT make them think it’s in their head? Louis Gifford

Seven Things You Should Know About Pain Science. Todd Hargrove…/seven-things-you-should-kn…/

Beginner Level:
Aches and pains by Louis Gifford
Better movement by Todd Hargrove
Explain Pain by David Butler & Lorimer Moseley (This is must read)
Painful Yarns by Lorimer Moseley
The Brain that Changes Itself by Norman Doidge
Topical Issues in Pain by Louis Gifford

Intermediate Level:
Pain by Patrick Wall
Sensitive Nervous System by David Butler
The Back Pain Revolution by Gordon Waddell
The Challenge of Pain by Ronald Melzack

A classification of chronic pain for ICD-11:…/A_classification_of_chronic_pain_…

Retrain pain

Treatment fundamentals – A therapy map for health care providers and patients by Greg Lehman…/treatment-manual-and-therapy-map…


‘Body in mind – the role of the brain in chronic pain’ at Mind & Its Potential 2011

Getting a grip on pain and the brain – Lorimer Moseley

Observations on Pain Education (Daniel B. Carr, MD, FABPM)

PAINWeek 2012 Keynote Address…

Ronald Melzack: Pain Pioneer…

Standard Model of Pain Education (Daniel B. Carr, MD, FABPM)

The role of the brain in managing pain. Dr. Neil Pearson, part 1-3…/video/overcom…/part_1/…/video/overcom…/part_2/…/video/overcom…/part_3/

Understanding Pain: Brainman chooses…

Understanding Pain: What to do about it in less than five minutes? (Daniel B. Carr, MD, FABPM)

What makes us get sick? Look upstream. Rishi Manchanda…/rishi_manchanda_what_makes_us_get_sick…

Why things hurt? Lorimer Moseley

Biomechanics and pain: The ongoing dilemma. w Greg Lehman

How can you help patients with persistent pain? w Mike Stewart…/ (Part 1)…/ (Part 2)

Chronic low back pain with Dr Kieran O’Sullivan…/
Chronic Low Back Pain with Peter O’Sullivan…/

Neil Pearson’s Pain Webcasts (part 1,2 and 3)…/neil-pearsons-pai…

Metaphoric expression. w Mike Stewart (part 1) (part 2)

Painful paradigms and sensitive systems. w David Butler…/

The science of pain – Sean Mackey…/the-science-of-pain-08…/