Weber – Barstow Manoeuvre

Aka ‘Clearing the hips’, aka Wilson – Barstow Manoeuvre.

This test is based on leg length measurement in supine by looking at the medial maleoli. Because leg length is the aim for this test, extreme care should be taken to ensure its accuracy.

  1. Lift and lightly traction both legs from the ankles.
  2. Instruct patient to flex knees and place these at 90′
  3. Instruct patient to bridge up and down once.
  4. Examiner then draws legs down setting them straight with the body.
  5. Gently spring legs into IR to relax ERs.
  6. Compare medial malleoli by pressing side of thumb under each bony protuberance.
  7. Repeat under tibial tuberosities.
  8. Repeat under ASIS’