Student Reading List

Author: Jarod Hall

Well it’s the new year…2017… another 365 days filled with fun and physical therapy! With the spring semester under way it brings two new students on their final clinical internships to my clinic. If you’ve read much of my writing you know that I LOVE to have students in clinic. I take very seriously pouring everything I can into my students in order to push our profession forward. I think it is of the utmost importance to consistently read and engage in meaningful and thought provoking dialogue. Usually when I have students in clinic with me there is a steady stream of text messages containing blogs, research articles, and podcasts that I feel would help the student to critically think, start discussion, challenge beliefs, and progress forward building an improved framework for clinical care. For a student’s learning and average thought processes, I find evidence based blogs and podcasts to really be the optimal learning medium.

Eventually, I got tired of scrolling through my phone and googling web addresses all the time, and decided to start writing down on these links in a word document for easier access. What I have linked below is a rough reading list that I expect my students to tackle in the course of 8 weeks in clinic with me. This is not an exact science, nor is everything that we will read listed as there will be new articles and hot topics that arise in the time the student is on rotation with me. However, I have what I think is a very good list of readings that start to lay a concrete foundation in critical thinking, research understanding, and where the current practice of the profession is/should be.

Week 1-

Week 2-

Week 3-

Week 4-

Week 5-

Week 6-

Week 7-

Week 8-

Extra Reading: