Gait Analysis


Gait cycle ROM parameter requirements:
Hip internal rotation range needed – 4-6′

Normal gait or locomotion is a rhythmical set of connections between the feet and the floor. But the communication of movements travel up the body all the way to the neck and head. Weight shifting, joint movements involving combinations of isotonics all create chain effects inside the body. These work with the purpose of force transfer through statics and dynamics to create movement.

Basic foot adaptations:

PRONATION – an essential part of gait, especially running.

– Foot pronation (eversion, abduction, dorsiflexion) is one shock absorbing mechanism which allows our foot to adapt to the floor.

SUPINATION – essential in the propulsion phase of gait.

– In supination (inversion, adduction, plantar flexion) the foot acts as a rigid lever. Essential to deliver propulsive forces efficiently.

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