Welcome to JC Physiotherapy!

This website and its corresponding Facebook page were created with the intent to document key findings from the following clinicians and books:

  • Dr Karel Lewit – A neurologist and author of ‘Manipulative therapy’
  • Dr Vladimir Janda – A neurologist who’s greatest work was documented in ‘ Assessment and Treatment of Muscle Imbalance’
  • Diane Lee – A physiotherapist and author of ‘The Pelvic Girdle’
  • Dr Stuart McGill – A spine specialist and author of ‘The Back Mechanic’
  • Dr Shirley Sahrmann – A physiotherapist and movement specialist, author of ‘Movement Impairment Syndromes’.
  • Thomas Michaud – A specialist in assessment and treatment of the lower limb, author of ‘Human Locomotion’.
  • Thomas Myers – Author of ‘Anatomy Trains’.

You will also find links to various useful online learning material. Also reviews of research across various physiotherapy, and related journals.