Hip Extension

With the patient in prone, ask them to lift their straight leg from the table.

The examiner watches for activation of the hamstrings by observing their tendons insertion, and gluteals by observing when the lateral contour becomes more defined.

Positive findings (on and off table):

  1. If the gluteals are significantly delayed, or activate only toward the very end of the extension.
  2. Gluteus maximus atrophy
  3. Increased hamstring bulk (esp distal 2/3)
  4. Obs of horizontal Lx groove.
  5. Anterior pelvic tilt.
  6. Increased or asymmetrical paraspinal bulk.
  7. Decreased trailing limb posture in terminal stance.

NB: While the patient is laying prone, observe from the bottom of the bed if there is any apparent atrophy between the left and right glutes.