Biceps Squeeze Test – should be supination for -ve
Chair Sign – push up from chair – the lateral collateral ligament complex of the elbow involves the radial collateral ligament and the lateral (ulnar) collateral ligament. Both parts have a common attachment to the lateral epicondyle. lesion causes pain or apprehension
Cozen’s Test – wrist ext, rad deviation against resistance. – lat epicondalgia.
Medial Epicondylalgia Test – The clinician palpates the medial epicondyle and passively supinates the patients involved forearm, radially deviates the wrist, and passively extend the elbow/wrist.
Mill’s Test- flexion into ext carp rad brevis tension.
Moving Valgus Stress Test – To determine the presence of medial collateral ligament insufficiency of the elbow.
Push-up Sign – To determine the presence of a lateral collateral ligament insufficiency of the elbow.(apprehension at terminal ext)
Ulnar Nerve Compression Test – cubital tunnel, 60 second compression for symptom reproduction
Valgus Stress Test –
Varus Stress Test


Loose pack position of:

Elbow – 70 degrees flexion

Proximal radioulnar joint – 35 degrees supination

Mobilisation of distal radioulnar joint –> Fixation of distal ulnar and:

  • Ant. glide to improve pronation.
  • Post. glide to improve supination.

Humeroulna traction in resting position – 70′ of elbow flexion & 10′ supination

Transverse / mediolateral mobilisations of the humeroulnt joint

A very interesting Mulligan concept, Tennis Elbow self treatment:

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